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Presentation Schedule

  • ClassMe (critique by Movie Night)
  • Couch Potato (critique by Number Ninjas)
  • DealShare (critique by Pittsburgh 311)
  • Movie Night (critique by Tu' Wang Clan)
  • Number Ninjas (critique by ClassMe)
  • Pittsburgh 311 (critique by Couch Potato)
  • Tu' Wang Clan (critique by DealShare)

The team in charge of critiquing other team needs to raise at least one question during the Q&A section. The critiquing team also need to come up with a brief critique in writing format (no more than one page) on things that can/should be improved in the future. And send it to the instructor/TA in email by 11:59PM Tuesday. You need to include your project name, the names of your team members, the project name you are critiquing in the document.

After the in-class presentation, please sign-up a 15-min group meeting with the instructor to discuss your class project by 11:59PM Wednesday (March 26, 2014)

To reserve a time slot, please edit this wiki page and put the names of your group members behind the time slot you choose.

all group members need to show up in the scheduled meeting

Thursday, March 27

  • 2:00PM -
  • 2:15PM -
  • 2:30PM - Nick, Cody, Cory, Brett (MovieNight)
  • 2:45PM - Zhanjie, MJ, Sara, Guo, Chris, Ariana (Number Ninjas)
  • 3:00PM - Kyle, Max, Alex, Meg, Brian (Couch Potato)
  • 3:15PM - Ryan, Steve, Longhao, Matt, Zach, Charlie (Pittsburgh 311)
  • 3:30PM - Mike, David, MJ, Zach, Matt, Cindy (DealShare)

Friday, March 28

  • 1:00PM - Hao, Derrick, Robert, Buck, Pedro, Aamir(ClassMe)
  • 1:15PM -
  • 1:30PM -
  • 1:45PM -
  • 2:00PM -
  • 2:15PM -
  • 2:30PM - Tu' Wang Clan (Brian Kacin, Melissa Thompson, Bret Gourdie, James Devine)
  • 5:30PM -
  • 5:45PM -
  • 6:00PM -
  • 6:15PM -