Interactive Prototypes Presentation II

From CS1635 Spring 2017
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These four groups will present on March 30, 2017.

Each team will have 10 minutes for the presentation. All team members must show up during the presentation. Please introduce each team member at the beginning of your presentation.

In addition to the presentation, your team will also be responsible to 1) ask at least one question to another team (for which your team members will serve as peer reviewers) at the time of the presentation; 2) provide brief (no more than six sentences), but constructive suggestions to the other team to make their project better (please send your feedback in email to the TA within 24 hours after the presentation and the TA will be responsible for forwarding it to the team. Only one feedback email is necessary for each group).

  • Enhancing the Text Book Buying and Selling Process. Peer Reviewers: Macrosoft
  • Dear Tummy - The Story of Your Meals. Peer Reviewers: StudyBuddies
  • One Stop - Simple Solutions for Commuters. Peer Reviewers: Worlds Gr8test
  • TourCathy - An Interactive Nationality Room Learning Experience. Peer Reviewers: CookingBuddy