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Please edit the list below by adding a title for your presentation immediately after your group name by 10:00AM Monday March 27, 2017.

  • Macrosoft: PhotoPod - An Engaging, Inquisitive, Photo Album Sharing Platform
  • D2D: Dear Tummy - The Story of Your Meals
  • StudyBuddies: StudyBuddies - Group Studying Made Convenient
  • Sleepy Commuters: One Stop - Simple Solutions for Commuters
  • CookingBuddy: CookingBuddy - Build Interactive Recipes to Share with Friends
  • JJJs: TourCathy - An Interactive Nationality Room Learning Experience
  • Text Market: Enhancing the Text Book Buying and Selling Process
  • Worlds Gr8test: Hello! - Add Convenience to Your Contacts