Final Project Presentations

From CS2610 Fall 2014
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Note: 1) Each team will have 8 minutes to present the findings of their class projects (plus 2 min in Q&A) and the time limit is strictly enforced. The order of presentation is listed below. 2) Excluding the title slide, please prepare no more than eight slides for your project. Please be concise; 3) Please create a descriptive name. Ideally that name should include both "what you are working on" and "how you are solving the problem"; 4) A demo of your project is strongly encouraged (video demo is okay); 5) Please rehearse and time your presentation before you give your final presentation; 6) Please test your laptop with the projector in the classroom ahead of the time; 7) Please modify the list below and add a presentation title by Sunday.

Order of Presentations

  • Senhua Chang, Qihang Chen: Improving Mid-Air Word-Gesture Keyboard by using kinect
  • Qiao Zhang, Yechen Qiao: Exploring The Utility of Smartwatches on Object Selection
  • Vivek Punjabi, Mengsi Lou: Designing Effective Vibration Notifications for Smart Wrist Devices
  • Changsheng Liu, Zhong Zhuang, Yanbing Xue: Exploring Screen Layouts on Smartphones
  • Nathan Ong, Jose Michael Joseph: Refining Gesture-Based Identification Systems
  • Wenchen Wang, Phuong Pham: Heart rate to learners' attention: a case study with tutorial videos
  • Eric Gratta, Nick Katsipoulakis: Identifying UI improvements for Apache Storm
  • Yingjie Tang, Bhavin Modi, Yubo Feng:Front/Back Collaboration Approach Study for Unreachability Problem In Large Screen Mobile Devices
  • Brandon Jennings, Chris Thomas - Hand Posture's Effect on Touch Screen Text Input Behaviours: A touch area based study
  • Xiyao Yin, Wei Guo: Reachable Area : Keyboard Solution for 'Big Screens'
  • Xiaoyu Ge, Longhao Li: Improving the Kinect-based mouse simulation with both multi-model and two-handed gesture-based approaches.