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Note: 1) Each team will have 5 minutes to present their proposed class projects in class and the time limit is strictly enforced. The order of presentation is listed below. 2) Recommended presentation structure: three slides in total (excluding the title screen) to show a) what's the problem you are solving, why it is important; b) how you are going to solve it, how your solution is different from the existing work; c) your current progress, a demonstration is highly preferred. Please rehearse and time your presentation before you give your final presentation. 3) Please modify the list below and add a presentation title before the lecture begins.

Order of Presentations

  • Xiaoyu Ge, Longhao Li: Kinect-based Mouse Control
  • Xiyao Yin, Wei Guo: Reachable Area Big Screen Implementation
  • Brandon Jennings, Chris Thomas: An Analysis of Users’ Touching Area Hit Distribution During Text Entry
  • Yingjie Tang, Bhavin Modi, Yubo Feng:Unreachability Problem Using One Hand For Large Screen Devices
  • Eric Gratta, Nick Katsipoulakis: Identifying Improvements for Apache Storm
  • Wenchen Wang, Phuong Pham: Attentive Learner
  • Nathan Ong, Jose Michael Joseph: Scaling Gesture-Based Identification Systems
  • Changsheng Liu, Zhong Zhuang, Yanbing Xue: Large mobile screen with single hand manipulation
  • Vivek Punjabi, Mengsi Lou: Designing Effective Vibration Notifications for Smart Wrist Devices
  • Qiao Zhang, Yechen Qiao: Exploring The Utility of Smartwatches on Object Selection
  • Senhua Chang, Qihang Chen: A Mid-Air Word-Gesture Keyboard