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Please edit this page and put your full name behind a time slot to sign-up for the in class presentations. We need one student for each lecture. The student needs to present one of the two selected papers (if one of the papers is a survey paper, please choose the other non-survey paper) in the lecture and lead some discussions about the paper. Paper presentation accounts for 15% of the total grades for this class. Each student needs to sign-up for at least one presentation for each month on average. Each student needs to sign up at least 3 presentations in total.

Note1: Please do not treat the current paper list as final. The instructor may make changes to the paper list as late as seven days before the presentation. Announcements will be made if the instructor makes changes to the paper list.

Note2: Students who registered this course as pass/non-pass are still required to sign up for paper presentations.

08/29/2013: Jingtao Wang

09/03/2013: Sean Myers

09/05/2013: Xiangmin Fan



09/17/2013: Brian Dicks

09/19/2013: Gaurav Trivedi

09/24/2013: Teng Han


10/01/2013: Sean Myers

10/03/2013: Reserved


10/10/2013: Brian Dicks

10/15/2013: Fall Break

10/17/2013: Xiangmin Fan

10/22/2013: Teng Han


10/29/2013: Gaurav Trivedi

10/31/2013: Reserved

11/05/2013: Sean Myers

11/07/2013: Brian Dicks

11/12/2013: Xiangmin Fan

11/14/2013: Teng Han

11/19/2013: Reserved

11/21/2013: Gaurav Trivedi

11/26/2013: Reserved

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