Team Panther Read


Panther Read is an interdisciplinary research project by researchers in Educational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Education, and Computer Science. Panther Read explores the use of mobile interfaces and effective pedagogy improve adult literacy. Panther Read is the response of researchers and developers at the University of Pittsburgh to the XPrize competition on Improving Adult Literacy via Mobile Learning.

Team Members

  • Dr. Charles Perfetti Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Alan Lesgold Professor of Education
  • Dr. Jingtao Wang Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Dr. Nora Presson Post-doc of Cognitive Psychology
  • Zhenjiang Fan Ph.D. student of Computer Science
  • Zihan Xie Masater student of Information Systems
  • Tianxin Chu Undergraduate student of Computer Engineering
  • Zach Ward Undergraduate student of Computer Science